Know The Science Behind Nicotine-Free Cannabis Cigarettes

Know The Science Behind Nicotine-Free Cannabis Cigarettes

Regular cigarettes, which we all know, contain 0.2% of nicotine, which is extremely harmful for a human being’s mental, emotional & physical health. Nicotine has elements that create a sense of craving for cigarettes and these repetitive cravings turn into addiction.

Due to high consumption of traditional cigarettes in the past few years, an economically feasible and reliable alternative was a need.

Nicotine free cigarettes, as the name suggests, are nicotine free and do not have the presence of nicotine at all. They are made of various herbs and are also known as herbal cigarettes.

Hemp is low in THC (the psychoactive compound) and is high in CBD (Cannabidiol), these components have therapeutic and intoxicating qualities, which when used in the right proportion can help a person to reduce their addiction level.

Importance of nicotine-free cannabis cigarettes

Consuming traditional cigarettes causes damage to our body is an indeed fact we all know, but once any one is addicted, it could be challenging to cease the sense of craving they feel. Herbal cigarettes can help you in the following things:

1) Reduce addiction - Since herbal cigarettes do not have nicotine as an ingredient, they are the best alternative for your smoking habit. It helps you reduce your daily consumption and slowly will stop the cravings as your body will not intake nicotine.

2) Relaxation - Cannabis contains CBD which has therapeutic traits. It helps you release all your stress and anxiety. It is medically shown that CBD can help you achieve your mental peace and physical strength.

3) Lower Health Issues - Due to zero presence of nicotine, Herbal Cigarettes do not damage your health. It is the most reliable alternative when you want to feel the smoking experience but at the same time take care of your health. People, in the last few years, have switched from traditional to nicotine-free cigarettes.

Ingredients in Nicotine-Free Cannabis Cigarettes by The Trost

Hemp Leaves - The key ingredient for any herbal cigarette is hemp which is a healthier replacement for nicotine. Hemp refers to different cannabis plants which are rich in CBD and lacking in THC. It is the best-suited hemp proportion for a human body to consume and digest.

CBD - cannabidiol is a therapeutic element found in cannabis like hemp. It is different from other compounds like THC, which gets you high after its consumption.

Cannabidiol has characters that can help you in your mental and physical well-being and relax your mind while reducing the regular stress and anxiety. It, when consumed, interacts with the endocannabinoid system and controls the balance and regulation of major functions in our body. It also has the ability to reduce your chronic muscle or arthritis pain.

There are combination of other different herbs that are used in making of nicotine cigarettes like -

Damiana - it has the properties to instantly brighten up your mood. It has a sweet and refreshing fragrance that energizes your mind and body.

Lavender - It has the ability to provide a relaxed and stress busting sensation after consuming. Lavender smells very pleasant and uniquely irresistible.

Peppermint - As the name suggests, it has a minty flavor which refreshes your throat. This herb cools down your stomach and helps your body control the respiratory functions properly. 

The Science of Nicotine Replacement

Nicotine has elements that cause addictiveness. It can be easily found in tobacco plants and can also be made in laboratories. Traditional cigarettes contain around 0.2% nicotine.

When a person smokes traditional cigarettes, nicotine enters their bloodstream and goes directly to adrenal glands which then releases adrenaline. It could increase your blood pressure, breath and heart rate which can create a serious disease.

Cannabis is a healthier alternative to nicotine present in nicotine-free cigarettes. Nicotine may give you a short term stress release but it could come with some serious long term problems

Cannabis has therapeutic components like CBD, which help you relax your mind and rejuvenate your body from all the anxiety and stress. The calming sensation leads to minimizing cravings of cigarettes and can help you control your addiction.

Cannabinoids and Their Effects & Its role in The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Cannabis was discovered in India in the early 2000 BCE, since then the plant has been known for its medical uses and hence has been found in pharmacological cults.

Cannabis has different types of Cannabinoids as its integral element like THC and CBD. When Cannabinoids are consumed in any form they directly connect with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system is responsible for many important body functions like mood, appetite, sleep, physiological processes etc. Cannabinoids effectively bond with the two receptors (CB1 & CB2) and enhance the functioning.

Role of Cannabinoids in ECS:

1) Mood controller - CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the human brain and helps in relaxation from any anxiety or depression. It is known for mood lifting and calming.

2) Pain Killer - It has the ability to help you reduce your arthritis or any muscle pain. After consuming herbal cigarettes, you can feel relaxation in your joint pain too.

3) Controls Appetite - THC present in Cannabinoids is known for helping people regain their lost appetite. It helps your digestive system work properly and can uplift your appetite.

4) Enzyme Generation- The ECS system makes endocannabinoids, herbs like CBD helps in sufficient creation of these enzymes effectively.

Potential Benefits of Nicotine-Free Cannabis Cigarettes

Nicotine-free cigarettes are used as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. It does not have the presence of tobacco which makes it a good option to choose.
Following are some benefits of Nicotine-free cigarettes:

1) Reduced health issues - Due to zero presence of nicotine, herbal cigarettes are less addictive. Nicotine contains many elements that could severely affect your mental and physical health.

2) Stress Reduction and Pain relief - It contains various herbs that have the ability to reduce your stress and anxiety. It gives you a calming sensation and rejuvenates your body at the same time. These elements give you relief from arthritis and chronic pain management.

3) Cessation of addiction - Herbs do not contain elements that creates a sense of craving in the human body. People have experienced a reduction in their daily consumption of cigarettes.

4) Therapeutic benefits - Elements like CBD present in cannabis helps the human mind and body to ease out and have a constant control on their body functions.

Even though it is a healthier alternative, there are certain safety concerns that are attached to it. The usage of herbal cigarettes should not be taken lightly and should be prescribed from ayurvedic doctors.

Respiratory Endanger - If it is consumed on regular basis with in large quantity may irritate your throat and lungs which in long term could cause respiratory disease

Advisory action - Take advice from ayurvedic doctor before consuming it in a huge quantity. You should not be reluctant with the usage

Consuming nicotine free cigarettes is indeed a healthier alternative but it should be consumed responsibly.

Now the question arises that where can you find nicotine-free cigarettes?

Unlike the traditional ones, It is rarey found in the shops, There are specific seller like Trost who are legally registered and have license for selling these products
Trost has different variants among which you can choose and buy such as fruity, earthy, boom, smoky etc.

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