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Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You ~ What Doctors Have to Say?

Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You ~ What Doctors Have to Say?

According to the study published in The Lancet, nearly 1 billion people around the world light up cigarettes daily. Many of these people excuse themselves by saying they just smoke one cigarette a day. You are gravely mistaken if you believe that lighting up one cigarette a day won't do much harm. According to British researchers, smoking once a day puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. So, how does smoking one cigarette a day affect you? Let's understand.

Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You?

Yes, smoking one cigarette a day does affect you. Indeed, smoking even just one cigarette kills 11 minutes of your life and if you calculate smoking only 5 cigarettes a day over 1 year takes 14 days of your life. The primary concern today is the tobacco problem, and the increased usage of various smoking devices and smokeless tobacco products is alarming. Here is a rundown of some facts and figures that define how smoking even only one cigarette can affect you -

  • Tobacco contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including tar (a mixture of chemicals), nicotine (an addictive substance), carbon monoxide (found in car exhaust fumes), ammonia (used in floor cleaners), and arsenic (ant poison). All these chemicals are highly detrimental to health and are believed to cause cancer.
  • Even the study by BMJ states how smoking one cigarette a day affects you, which includes serious health problems like heart attack, emphysema, and stroke. This is based on the data collected from different studies, implicating zillions of participants. It also found that heart disease is the most significant health risk associated with smoking. 
  • Another fascinating finding from the same report expresses that men who smoked even one cigarette each day had 46% of the excess relative risk for smoking 20 cigarettes every day, and in the case of women, 31% of the excess risk. If you see the stroke cases, in men, the pooled relative risks were 1.25 and 1.64 for smoking one or 20 cigarettes per day, respectively, and for women, 1.31 and 2.16 for smoking one or 20 cigarettes per day, respectively. 

The adage, "everything in moderation," has an exception. Even one cigarette a day is one too many. Yes, it's smoking. Today many youngsters who are light smokers do not even consider themselves smokers. Still, unfortunately, even a tiny amount of tobacco is more than enough to develop the risk of coronary heart disease. 

So, Does Smoking One Cigarette a Day Really Kill You?

We hope that you have realised that smoking one cigarette a day affects you badly. Even if you don't consider yourself a smoker just because you smoke occasionally, you'll still die early. Yes, you heard it right. As per a recent report by Government researchers, even smoking one cigarette a day can increase your risk of dying early.

The study further claims that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, and smoking can cause a slow death. Smoking has substantial adverse health effects, and there is a 64 per cent higher risk of dying early than non-smokers, and those who smoke almost half a packet per day have an 87 per cent chance of dying early in their life.  So, yes, smoking even one cigarette a day may kill you. How soon depends on your medical history.

To Sum Up

The biggest takeaway from this would be to quit smoking. Yes, for many people, it is challenging to resist tobacco cravings. However, if you take a staunch stand against this urge and refrain from smoking, it will reap great results. Remember that you are one step closer to a healthy and happy life whenever you avoid smoking. Once you fully control these lethal cravings, you will earn a new lease on life. 

Furthermore, if you are a chain smoker or have a smoking addiction that you are struggling to overcome, you can consider switching to hemp-based herbal cigarettes. For instance, The Trost herbal cigarettes help treat smoking addiction and have additional health benefits without causing any side effects.


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Electronic Cigarettes Price, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, FAQs & More

Electronic Cigarettes Price, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, FAQs & More

Inadvertently, we all come across people trying to get rid of their smoking habit. As per stats, around 70% of people want to quit smoking, but despite understanding the harm it causes, they have been unable to do so.

For many of them, electronic cigarettes (such as vape pens, e-cigarettes, and the like) have been the first step to becoming a non-smoker. But are they of any help, and can they help you get rid of your smoking habits?

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Also known as e-cigarettes, vape pens, e-cigs, or vapour cigarettes, electronic cigarettes look like USB flash devices that contain e-liquid and a mechanism to heat it using batteries or electricity to convert it into a mist. 

While the specific content of e-liquid varies depending on the brand and the particular product, it generally contains flavours and a base liquid (a mix of water, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine).

Are There Any Benefits of E-Cigarettes?

Yes, there are certain benefits of e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes. However, they aren’t completely harmless. Electronic cigarettes are a modified version of the usual cigarettes with a focus on minimising or removing the nicotine content altogether. It makes them a more sustainable choice for smokers and the world alike. In addition, the fact that they do not produce carbon monoxide or tar, principal components of tobacco smoke, further makes them a better option even for the environment. 

Price of Electronic Cigarettes in India

The cost of e-cigarettes in India can vary from INR 100 to INR 700. If you want to buy a vaping device, it can cost you anything between INR 600 and INR 6,000 per piece, depending on the puffs and the flavour. 

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The look of an electronic cigarette closely resembles the regular cigarettes and pipes available in the market. It encourages those looking to quit smoking to give them a try. They use batteries or electricity to turn the e-liquid into an aerosol that the users inhale. 

Risk & Side Effects: 7 Reasons to Avoid Vaping

As mentioned above, electronic vaping is an alternative safer than the usual cigarettes, but they are not entirely risk-free. Here are some of the risks and side effects involved with vaping - 

#1 They aren’t 100% safe

Most vaping mechanisms heat nicotine (a tobacco extraction) mixed with other chemicals, such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemical flavourings, and heavy metals. When a smoker takes a puff, they are exposed to these toxic chemicals. 

#2 They are bad for your heart

Vaping has been linked to chronic lung diseases and asthma. In addition, people who consume electronic cigarettes with regular ones often suffer from cardiovascular diseases. 

#3 Vaping can lead to cancer

Research published in 2017 reported that the temperatures required to turn e-liquid into an aerosol could create several toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, a cancer-causing substance. 

#4 They can cause nicotine addiction

Most electronic cigarettes have nicotine as the main ingredient, a highly addictive substance. Studies have found that people who have started vaping continue to vape because of their nicotine addiction. 

#5 Lung diseases

Ingredients like cinnamaldehyde and diacetyl are known to cause severe lung diseases. The former is known to cause something similar to bronchiolitis, whereas the latter affects lung tissues.

#6 Drug and alcohol addiction

Regular nicotine inhalation has been linked to causing severe addiction to several other unwanted substances, such as alcohol. It has been specially experienced by those in their teens. 

#7 Prone to explosions

There have been several cases of vape explosions caused by faulty batteries. While not very frequent, these can prove fatal and cause unwanted injuries. 

Teens, Adults, & E-Cigarettes

A large percentage of electronic cigarette users are young people who do not necessarily understand the pros and cons of smoking but continue to do so because of peer pressure or addiction. 

Nicotine exposure during such critical times can cause permanent damage to brain development. A 2018 report found that those regularly consuming e-cigarettes are more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes than those who are not habituated to vaping. 

Final Verdict on Electronic Cigarettes

For all those who take the e-cigarette route in a bid to quit smoking, know that it is a myth. Electronic cigarettes come with their fatalities and are known to cause nicotine addiction. So, if you are looking for a safer alternative, make sure you get products from trusted brands that are nicotine-free and do not contain other tobacco products. You can even consider hemp-based herbal cigarettes than help curb smoking addiction apart from offering a host of additional benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is electronic cigarette harmful?

Yes, an electronic cigarette is harmful. An e-cigarette can contain a plethora of harmful ingredients, such as nicotine and other ultrafine particles. Even the process of converting the e-liquid into aerosol can be cancer-inducing. 

Are electronic cigarettes better than regular cigarettes?

Yes, electronic cigarettes are relatively less harmful than regular cigarettes. While less harmful than regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes do have their caveats. Its aerosol contains fewer toxic chemicals and lower level of harmful substances. 

Are e-cigarettes and vaping the same?

Yes, E-cigarettes and vaping are used alternatively because the underlying process of creating a mist is similar. 

Are e-cigarettes better than smoking?

Yes, e-cigarettes are relatively better than smoking. Electronic cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking but aren’t completely safe. While they exude lower toxic substances, these are not harmless. 

Can vape damage the lungs?

Yes, vape can damage lungs. Several reports have found vaping to cause severe lung diseases and tissue damage. 

What are the five dangers of vaping?

Here are the dangers of vaping - 

  • Rapid onset of coughing
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting

How many puffs of a vape are equal to a cigarette?

Ten puffs of an e-cigarette are equivalent to smoking a regular cigarette. 

What is the healthiest vape?

There is nothing called a healthy vape. But if you are still looking for a safer option, you can look for nicotine-free ones. 

Is it OK to vape without nicotine?

Even if an e-cigarette is without nicotine, the e-liquid contains several other harmful ingredients, which means that it is not safe to vape, even those without nicotine. So, in a nutshell, NO, it is not ok to vape without nicotine.

Which is the safest e-cigarette?

While buying e-cigarettes, make sure you look for those which are nicotine-free. There are several top options, such as ECOvape VSAVE e-Liquid, which offers 100% organic offerings containing lower harmful chemical ingredients than their counterparts. 


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How many Cigarettes Cause Cancer - Answered by Health Experts

How many Cigarettes Cause Cancer - Answered by Health Experts

A total of 1.3 billion people smoke in the world, and out of these, 80% live in low and middle-income countries. Despite the risks, the number of people taking up smoking is increasing, and so is the number of deaths. 

Between 1990 and 2019, the number of smokers increased from 1 billion to 1.3 billion. In the US alone, 1600 youngsters try their first cigarette every day. People continue to take up smoking with the mindset that branded cigarettes are less harmful, but that is not true. All conventional cigarette brands pose the same risk level. 

How Many Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

It depends from person to person and their smoking habits. However, there is no “safe” smoking level to address the elephant in the room. Whether puffing one cigarette in a day or one pack, you can become vulnerable to 15 different types of cancers caused by smoking. 

However, it is true that if you start smoking at an early age, you will be at a higher risk in the later stages of life. Generally, the incidence of lung cancer begins around 40 years of age and can peak at 70 years. 

According to a French survey meant to understand the smoker’s perception of the risk of developing cancer from smoking. 44% of the respondents believed that smoking could only cause cancer if a person consumes more cigarettes than they consume daily.

Another cohort of 20% of respondents said that smoking could cause cancer if someone is smoking for a longer duration than what they are consuming.  

These two figures are drawing a pattern. Active smokers believe that the number of cigarettes they puffed daily is safe. But if anyone is consuming more cigarettes than what they are puffing, they are at risk of suffering from cancer. 

It’s like, “What I am doing is not risky, but if you go one notch up doing the same thing, you are at risk.”

Anyone smoking one to ten cigarettes per day has the same risk level of developing smoke-related cancers. And the buck does not stop here. Smoking is responsible for several other diseases. 

Seven million plus people die from smoking every year. But did you know that 1.2 million non-smokers die from the same smoke only because these people are exposed to second-hand smoke? 

So both smokers and non-smokers are at risk from the chemical-laden smoke from cigarettes. There is no definite answer to how many cigarettes cause cancer, and it entirely depends from person to person. 

Having said that, it is also true that people who smoke are 15 to 30 times more likely to get cancer than the ones who don’t smoke. Plus, the risk of developing cancer can also increase if a person smokes for a longer duration. So, a person smoking for the last 10 years is at a higher risk of suffering from cancer than someone smoking for the last 5 years. 

Types of Cancers Caused by Smoking

One cigarette means you will be inhaling smoke with 7000 different chemicals. This smoke travels all over the body, affecting different organs and parts, making you vulnerable to 15 types of cancers. 

  • Lung
  • Mouth
  • Throat
  • Nose and Sinuses
  • Esophagus
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Ureter
  • Pancreas
  •  Stomach
  •  Liver
  •  Cervix
  •  Ovary
  •  Bowel
  •  Acute Myeloid Leukemia

  • Source: Cancer Research

    Remember that these cancer risks are present for both smokers and non-smokers who inhale smoke from others. In short, active and passive smoking will put a person at equal risk. 

    One of the major causes of smoke-induced cancer is tobacco. Due to this, smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and it is the most common cancer spread across the globe. 

    If tobacco were not a condiment used to make cigarettes, lung cancer would be a rare disease. 

    So, What's the Bottom Line?

    The question is now how many cigarettes cause cancer because if you are smoking once a day or 20 times a day, you are vulnerable. This vulnerability can further aggravate according to a person’s existing health condition and lifestyle. 

    Asbestos and radon are known to accelerate the development of cancer. So people working in spaces where asbestos and radon are already present, and if they also smoke, are at a higher risk. 

    To sum it up, the only way to avoid all the 15 types of smoking-induced cancers is to quit smoking. 


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    Which Cigarette Is Less Harmful In India - 5 Things You Didn't Know

    Which Cigarette Is Less Harmful In India - 5 Things You Didn't Know

    Smoking is injurious to health! It is one of the most understated statements. WHY? Because smoking cigarettes can lead to various health issues compared to a person standing right in front of an atom bomb aftermath.

    According to NCBI, there are 3 million deaths due to tobacco intake, which will increase to 10 million by the end of 2030. Cigarettes are made of tobacco lamina seeds which are harmful to health. The process involves moisturizing, cutting, conditioning, and processing tobacco lamina stems. Tobacco includes more than 4000 chemical compounds besides the lamina stem processes. 

    But why is it so harmful?

    Tobacco has nicotine that damages the brain. According to research conducted with 11 smokers and ex-smokers, the cognitive performance of these participants declined. In addition, cigarettes can provide nicotine-based secretion of adrenaline in the body. In other words, you get a massive nicotine push in a second.

    A sudden push for nicotine can cause hyperactivity in the central nervous system damaging the cognitive and mental performance levels. It also leads to repulsive and addictive behavior, which is hard to let go of.  So, addiction is unavoidable if you start smoking cigarettes. 

    However, there are ways to get past the addiction through harmless cigarettes. You may ask, “Which cigarette is less harmful in India?” Well, here are the answers.

    Which Cigarette is Less Harmful in India?

    Cigarettes are harmful. Whether you smoke a light cigarette or any other type, it is addictive and can induce problems of heart disease, high blood pressure, blindness, etc. 

    Some of the common types of cigarettes you can find are:

    • Filtered cigarettes use filters and are marketed as a safe alternative to conventional tobacco products. However, the fact is that they are equally harmful as other cigarette types. 
    • Cigars are not an option as they can provide 5 to 17 times more tobacco than other cigarette types.
    • E-cigarettes are considered a safe option, but some of the variants are still unapproved by researchers and scientists.

    Here it is essential to understand that these cigarettes use marketing campaigns to show that they are a safer option. However, most of them have a high amount of nicotine. For example, one cigarette has more than 8 milligrams of nicotine, and five, if injected directly into the human body, will result in fatal death. 

    Some of the harmful effects of nicotine are:

    • Dizziness and lightheadedness
    • Coronary artery diseases and heart rate fluctuations
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Lung cancer
    • Bronchospasm
    • Spinal disc degeneration
    • Diarrhoea
    • Nausea
    • Dyspepsia

    In other words, finding a harmless cigarette in India is a significant challenge for many smokers. So, where is the answer to our question of focus, “Which cigarette is less harmful in India?”

    The answer is a hemp-based cigarette. Trost Rollen cigarettes are a safer option in India that does not have nicotine and tar. It uses hemp to provide the same experience as a nicotine-based cigarette without harming your body. Another key benefit that makes Trost cigarettes an ideal option is a healthier heart! Hemp oil or powder can help you keep the heart healthy, making it an attractive option. 

    Now that you know different cigarette options, choosing the healthier one becomes essential. So, here are some facts to consider before you decide on smoking over health.

    5 Facts About Smoking Cigarettes That You Didn't Know

    Cigarettes are embedded as a part of life for many smokers due to addiction without knowing the facts. Here are some critical data to consider.

    1. Most smokers have an intake of 1 to 2 milligrams of nicotine per cigarette (DOI).
    2. Tobacco smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals, of which 250 are harmful to the human body, and 69 can cause cancers (
    3. Smoking causes cancer and increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke (
    4. Only 6.2% of smokers can quit smoking every year worldwide (Tobaccofreelife).
    5. More than 16 million Americans have a smoking-related illness, and 30.8 million people currently smoke cigarettes (CDC).

    So, Why Should You Consider Quitting?

    A cigarette is a slow killer. It damages your brain, heart, and lungs slowly without your knowledge. Much research has proved that nicotine cigarettes are harmful to your body. Apart from heart disease can cause mental issues like anxiety, depression, and headaches resembling migraines. 

    Trost Rollen cigarettes are an ideal choice if you want to quit smoking. It will still be an experience of smoking cigarettes but with harmless smoke. The Trost hemp cigarettes are best for your heart, lungs, and brain. So, start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Trost Rollen!


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    6 benefits of consuming hemp protein

    6 benefits of consuming hemp protein

    This fast world has changed everything, it has increased the amount of stress and led to a sedentary lifestyle. This inactive lifestyle has made people ill and unhealthy. All these circumstances have urged us to find a healthy alternative. And this healthy alternative is Hemp protein powder. 

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    10 Uses and Benefits of Hemp Hearts

    10 Uses and Benefits of Hemp Hearts
    Our product hemp heart came into existence when we decided to find a more healthy diet in nature. The existing diet didn't benefit us anymore. So, we found hemp and we believed that hemp is a gift from the Himalayas and it is waiting to be rediscovered. We researched and found out that hemp seeds have loads of nutritional benefits. So, we hold these seeds to create the best quality hemp hearts. Our hemp was produced keeping in mind the quality so it contains so many benefits. Continue reading

    8 Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil

    8 Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil
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    10 Benefits Of Using Hemp Protein Powder

    10 Benefits Of Using Hemp Protein Powder

    Gone are days when fitness and muscle building seemed like a faraway goal. With thousands of apps and fitness experts just a few clicks away, anyone can stay fit with a little work. Our diet has also changed drastically due to these apps, now you know how many calories each food contains. People have started consuming food that contains more nutrients than those that temp your eyes. One such powerhouse of nutrients is hemp protein powder.

    What is hemp protein nutrition? 30g of hemp powder contains 166 calories, 9.47g proteins, 14.6g fat, 2.6g carbohydrates, and much more. So do you want to know what hemp protein can do for you? We have listed 10 benefits of using hemp protein powder. 

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    10 Benefits of Using CBD Oil.

    10 Benefits of Using CBD Oil.
    There have been loads of banners and distaste regarding the use and consumption of
    marijuana in daily life.

    But have you ever wondered that the same plant that gives marijuana, can be used to provide so many health benefits?

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