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100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free Dhoom Dhandika by Experts

Hemp Herbal Cigarettes (Woody Rollen)

Rs. 420.00

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Calm to your chaos!

100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free ayurvedic formulation rolled with therapeutic attributes of 3 herbs!


 Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight


The product comes in discreet packaging.

Estimated dispatch time - 1-2 working days
5 rollens


- Indicated for treating Asthma and Dyspnea

- Helps in aiding cough, stress, pain, inflammation, indigestion, brain fog, autoimmune disorders, loss of sleep.

- Helps in over-coming addiction of tobacco, alcohol & other drugs.

 2-4 Cigarettes a day or as directed by physician


- Damiana (turnera diffusa) lf

- Lavender (Lavanduka stoechs)

- Cannabis Sativa lf

- 100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free

- No added chemical additives, preservatives or artificial flavours

Frequently Asked Question

Are hemp cigarettes harmful?
No, hemp cigarettes that are free of tobacco, nicotine and other addictive substances are not harmful. The Trost Dhoom Dhanika Hemp Herbal Cigarettes are created by health experts and contain 5 herbs. All our products are powered by Ayurveda and backed by Science.

What are hemp cigarettes used for?
"Pure hemp cigarettes are primarily free of tobacco and other addictive substances such as Nicotine. Many studies indicate that smoking hemp cigarettes can help you replace your tobacco and nicotine addictions. Studies further suggest that it can even help you quit smoking. The Trost Hemp Cigarettes can not only help you curb your smoking and alcohol addiction but also comes with a host of health benefits, helping you to combat- asthma, dyspnea, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, pain, inflammation, and indigestion, among others."

Are hemp cigarettes any good?
Yes, hemp cigarettes are a good substitute for your smoking, alcohol and other drug addictions. Also, it's imperative to note that hemp cigarettes don't serve the purpose of getting you high like a high-THC cannabis joint (marijuana, weed, etc.). However, they can provide a slight weed aroma since they are, after all, from the cannabis family (of lower THC). Hemp cigarettes are primarily used to solve for various health problems.

Is hemp safer than tobacco?
Yes, hemp is relatively better than tobacco as smoking hemp cigarettes help replace traditional cigarettes that have severe health impacts due to tobacco and nicotine. Do note that smoking hemp comes with a host of medicinal benefits, too, but it won't get you high like a typical joint of marijuana or hemp will. Furthermore, hemp cigarettes aren't addictive.

Do hemp cigarettes show on drug test?
"No, ideally, hemp cigarettes do not show in drug test because it doesn't induce intoxicating effects and isn't addictive. Furthermore, it's not an illegal controlled substance. However, many CBD products may contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in trace amounts which is marijuana's principal active ingredient. If enough THC is present, it may lead to a positive drug test. The Trost Hemp Cigarettes are strictly for health purposes and also curb smoking addiction. It neither will intoxicate you nor will show on drug test."

Do hemp cigarettes smell?
Yes, hemp cigarettes do smell notable and relatively similar to their marijuana counterpart, hence often mistaken for marijuana. The Trost Hemp Herbal Cigarettes have a minty aroma to subside the strong odour associated with hemp cigarettes.

Do hemp cigarettes have nicotine?
No, pure hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine. This is because they are primarily made from CBD hemp flowers which do not contain nicotine. However, not all CBD cigarettes or products meet the quality standards and are entirely nicotine or tobacco free. So, ensure that the herbal cigarettes that you purchase are 100% nicotine & tobacco free.

How long does hemp cigarettes stay in your system?
How long hemp cigarettes stay in your system completely hinges on your dose, and how often do you smoke hemp cigarettes. However, a general estimate of how long it stays in your system can be anywhere between 7-11 days. But it's imperative that you note that this is a very generic estimate and entirely depends on the dosage, frequency and how your body absorbs hemp or CBD from the herbal cigarette.

What are the benefits of herbal cigarettes?
The primary benefit of herbal cigarettes is that they act as an excellent alternative to nicotine and tobacco. They further help combat stress, brain fog, anxiety, and pain, among other benefits. Additionally, they help battle asthma and other lung problems since they help dilate the airways, thus improving the overall lung function and even acting as a throat cleaner.

Are there any safe cigarettes?
Yes, the hemp herbal cigarettes are the safest cigarettes out there. This is because they not only come with a host of health benefits but also help curb smoking addiction. They are 100% nicotine and tobacco free, and help treat asthma, lung problems, insomnia, stress, anxiety, brain fog, and pain among others.

Do herbal cigarettes affect lungs?
No, The Trost Hemp Herbal Cigarettes don't affect the lungs. On the contrary, they help treat asthma and other lung problem by dilating the airways and improving lung function.

What can I smoke instead of cigarettes?
Instead of regular cigarettes, you can consider smoking hemp herbal cigarettes. They have no intoxicating effect, are not addictive but are excellent stress busters and even help with sleep disorders, anxiety, and brain fog, among others. Also, do note that they are 100% tobacco and nicotine free and help you combat smoking, alcohol and other drug addictions.

Do herbal cigarettes have tar?
Yes, herbal cigarettes do contain tar; the quantity of it entirely depends on the brand and product quality. The Trost Hemp Herbal cigarettes contain no tar and are developed backed by Ayurveda to solve for various health problems.

What can I smoke that has no nicotine?
You can simply smoke the Trost hemp herbal cigarettes. It is 100% free of nicotine and tobacco, helps curb smoking addiction without being addictive in itself and with no intoxication effects. Furthermore, it's an excellent stress buster, helps combat anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, brain fog, lung problems, asthma, among others.

Do herbal cigarettes cause cancer?
This completely depends on the brand and the product. The Trost Hemp Herbal Cigarettes are Ayurvedic formulation and are made from hemp leaves that provide a host of health benefits. These herbal cigarettes don't cause cancer.

Will these hemp cigarettes help in getting rid of my smoking addiction
Yes, the Trost Hemp Cigarettes will help get rid of your smoking addiction. Furthermore, they are 100% tobacco and nicotine free.

Can I take TheTrost Herbal Cigarettes even if I don't have the mentioned health problems?
"Yes, you can take The Trost Hemp Herbal cigarettes if you have any of these problems- * smoking, drinking or other drug addiction * nicotine-free alternative to regular cigarettes * asthma, dyspnea *cough, stress, brain fog, sleeping disorder, pain, inflammation, etc"