Hemp Seed Oil Vs CBD Oil: Know the Difference

Hemp Seed Oil Vs CBD Oil: Know the Difference

Hemp Seed Oil Vs CBD Oil Due to the growing risks of mental and physical health issues day by day, people are now more concerned about their lifestyle and health issues and hence have understood the value of natural products over artificial products.
People have started opting for naturally extracted oils such as hemp seed oil and CBD oil, for various ailments and uses instead of still using the artificial oil.

Let us dig deeper into understanding the 2 most important natural oils.

Hemp Seed Oil - Composition, Benefits and Usage

Now, let us briefly understand these oils one by one:

Hemp Seed Oil - it is an oil which is made from the seeds of the hemp plant rather than other parts like flowers or leaves. Hemp oil has nutritions, minerals and many vitamins that makes this more suitable to support your health.

Hemp Seed Oil - Composition, Benefits and Usage

Extraction & Composition

  • Harvesting and Cleaning - Seeds are harvested from the matured plant and undergo a cleaning process to remove any plant dirt or impurities.
  • Extraction - The most used method is Cold pressing, here the seeds are mechanically pressed to release the oil naturally without the use of heat or chemicals.
  • Filtration & Packing - The nutritious and clean oil is filtered and then is packed to send for distribution.

Key features of Hemp Seed Oil

1) Non psychoactive - The seeds of hemp plants do not contain THC, which is known for its psychoactive properties and hence, hemp based oils do not have the ability to make you feel high.
2) Nutritional Value - It has many antioxidant and nutritional values. It is usually used as a dietary oil as it has acids that are good for the health of your heart.
3) Industrial usage - In the making of Paint and biofuels, hemp seed oils are taken as a good ingredient.
4) Culinary usage - Similar to other vegetable oils, hemp oil is also used in food making. It remains a nutritional product unless it is heated too high, it could cause the loss of nutrition's.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol oils are derived from the Sativa Plant which recently gained popularity for its therapeutic benefits. It does not have the properties of THC which gets you high after consumption.

CBD Oil's Potential - Relief, Wellness, and Transformation

There are many ways of extracting the CBD oil from the Cannabis sativa plant.

CO2 Extraction - This is one of the most efficient and reliable methods to use. Here, the CO2 is used as a solvent in a very high pressure and in low temperature system which helps in the extraction from the plant

Dry Ice - This is a 2 step method, where firstly the plant is freezed and trichomes are separated from the plant. In the next step, the trichomes are processed to make CBD elements like hash and oil.

Now let us understand why people are interested in the usage of CBD oil over their traditional oils:

1) Pain Relief - CBD oil has some therapeutic properties, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for pain reduction in the human body. It could help in reducing chronic pain, arthritis pain and multiple sclerosis.

2) Mental health - CBD is helpful in coping up from mental illness like anxiety and depression as it has elements that have some antidepressant qualities.

3) Cancer - CBD can help a patient of cancer from the discomfort caused by nausea, vomiting and pain, it is said to act as a complementary treatment for cancer patients.

4) Skincare - CBD is found in many products related to skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps in reducing acne and improves the skin.

5) Sleep Cycle - CBD has the potential to improve your sleep pattern. It stands as an excellent ingredient for people who have insomnia.

6) Gastrointestinal Health - Due to anti-inflammatory and anti pain qualities, CBD oil could help people with gastrointestinal disorder or inflammatory bowel disease.

Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD oil

Both, the Hemp oil and CBD oil are beneficial as well as highly used by people, but now let us have a look on they key difference of the hemp and CBD oil:


CBD Oil - It is extracted from the flower and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant which are purposely extracted for obtaining CBD and some other cannabinoids.

Hemp Seed Oil - They are extracted from the seeds of hemp plants and they do not have CBD or THC in significant amounts. Hemp seed oil is mostly known for its nutritional value.

Health Benefits

CBD Oil - It is used to alleviate the sleep cycle, reduce major pains and calms down anxiety and depression.

Hemp Seed Oil - It is known for being a source of healthy fats for the human body. It contains nutrition's, proteins and vitamins that help in improving the condition of the human heart.

Psychoactive Effects

CBD Oil - It is a non-psychoactive oil. Since CBD, unlike THC, does not have the ability to give you a dizzy sensation after consumption, it is non-psychoactive completely.

Hemp Seed Oil - Hemp seed oil is majorly used for dietary supplements and hence it does not has the presence of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Legal Status and Regulation

CBD Oil - In the year 2018, CBD oil was legalized in India by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare. It is not classified as a controlled element and hence is not a part of the existing drug regulations in India. Only certain products of CBD have been approved which includes CBD Oil for medical consumption. It is also advised to take doctor's advice to consume if you want to consume it in a good amount.

Hemp Seed Oil - Hemp oil is completely legal in India, it does not contain any psychoactive elements like THC, which makes it suitable for consumption. The specific regulations and the availability of hemp oil could differ from one state to the other, due to its heavy usage for the dietary purpose.

How to Choose Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

The use of any of these oils varies from need to need of an individual. They both are highly beneficial for mental and physical health of a human being but deciding which one to use depends on the factors like:

1) Purpose

Culinary benefits: if your purpose is to improve your diet by changing the oil, hemp seed oil is the right choice here. It has nutritional benefits as well as the required fatty acids a body needs.

Pain relief - If you are suffering from chronic or arthritis pain, CBD oil could help you with that. It also helps you in reducing your anxiety and improving sleep patterns.

2) Individual Choice

Taste - If your preference is towards the taste, then hemp seed oil tastes a little nutty and earthy but in CBD oil, it has different flavors which depend on the extraction process.

Form - CBD oil also comes in various forms other than oil for consumption such as capsules, tinctures etc.

With the new innovations everyday in the industry, new and sustainable benefits are coming up, and one such example of sustainable products are both these oils. People are understanding the side effects of their traditional oils and are refusing to compromise more with their health.

With the constant awareness about these topics, the overall health of India is improving which is an integral part for the country’s development.

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