Cannabis Addiction: Seeking Solutions Beyond Religious Excuses

Cannabis Addiction: Seeking Solutions Beyond Religious Excuses

We are not doing drugs - yeh to bhole baba ka prasad hai (it is an offering from Lord Shiva) says most people consuming weeds in India and its neighboring countries.

But is it true?

To an extent, it can never be denied that Lord Shiva (The Conqueror of Time and Death as per Hindu mythology) did consume weeds.

However, does this give the right to every individual involved in substance abuse, to use it as a pretext? No. It’s highly unethical to use religious pretexts when involved in substance abuse.

Here in this post, we uncover the true relationship between Lord Shiva and Cannabis

As per the Hindu mythology, the Vishnu Purana mentions the popular event of Samudra Manthan which loosely translates to “Churning of the Ocean” in English. As per the epic, there was a massive battle going on between the Asuras (Demons) and Devas (Gods) for obtaining the nectar of immortality.
While both parties fought, something unexpected took place. The churning of the ocean started releasing the poison called Halahal. This poison was extremely lethal and beholden the capacity to wipe out the whole creation.
Both factions turned to lord Shiva for help.

Under such a scenario, Shiva displayed courage and capacity which no God could ever imagine. He saved the universe from the wrath of Halala by imbibing the poison to himself. While consuming the poison his throat turned blue and he stopped the poison at the throat only.

At this point, the goddess Parvati also his wife & consort offered assistance by offering Bhang to Lord Shiva. Bhang is a product made by mixing milk with cannabis leaves and other herbs.

As per the religious text, there’s no other point of connection between lord Shiva and Cannabis. No religious text of this million years old religion confirms his fondness for cannabis. Moreover, as per the Atharvaveda text, only lord Shiva has permission to consume Cannabis and forbade others from using it.

What to do when someone is addicted to cannabis?

First of all, it’s essential that the person understands the depth of the issue of addiction. Taking the name of God and considering oneself pious with substance abuse will never resolve the issue. It’s essential that one turns to professionals for help or goes cold turkey to ditch cannabis addiction. At Trost, we offer a wide range of hemp products specially designed to assist you in managing withdrawal symptoms effectively. Our flagship product, Trost Rollens, is a unique blend of medicated cigarettes that are completely free of THC. As a licensed supplier of hemp rollens and hemp-based products, we prioritize quality, safety, and efficacy.

Whether you're seeking support in overcoming addiction or simply looking for natural alternatives, our offerings are meticulously crafted to provide you with the relief you deserve.

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