Arthritis Knee Pain Treatment at Home

Arthritis Knee Pain Treatment at Home

Arthritis knee pain treatment at home involves you to manage weight, make necessary changes in the diet, follow massages, and regular exercise. With the right approach you can significantly reduce the pain caused due to arthritis right from the comfort of your home. 

Here in this blog, we will uncover what arthritis knee pain is and how to tackle its pain at home.

Arthritis Knee Pain

Arthritis refers to the health conditions leading to inflammation in the joints and causing mild to severe pain among the person. It is a degenerative disease and the inflammation and pain can get much worse with time. There are mainly two types of arthritis people suffer from namely osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Osteoarthritis is basically a result of wear and tear of the cartilage which causes bones to rub together. This ultimately leads to frictional damage causing inflammation among the patient.

On the other hand, Rheumatoid Arthritis is the autoimmune disease under which the immune system of the healthy individual attacks the healthy joint tissue mistakenly. 

Although medical professionals may prescribe medicines they often advise patients to follow home cure as well. 

Note: Always consult your doctor before trying medical or natural approaches for arthritis knee pain treatment at home.

Main Causes of Arthritis Knee Pain

There are various reasons behind arthritis knee pain. Some of them are:

Age - Osteoarthritis is more common among older adults and is less prone to younger adults and children.

Bone anomalies - People with crooked bones are at a naturally higher risk of suffering from osteoarthritis.

Gout - It is also basically a kind of inflammatory arthritis, which sometimes further leads to osteoarthritis.

Injuries - Knee injuries can often lead to different types of arthritis.

Stress - Too much stress over the knees from jogging or playing certain sports or working an active job can often lead to osteoarthritis of the knee.

Heavy Weight -  Extra weight of the upper body often leads to much pressure on the knees.

Natural Home Remedies to Treat Arthritis

Some of the natural ways of arthritis knee pain treatment at home are:

  • An appropriate exercise program based on your age, weight, and daily routine helps significantly in reducing arthritis pain. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight which further reduces pain due to arthritis.
  • The pain due to arthritis can also be reduced by proper hot and cold treatments. Cold packs applied on the affected areas can cause immediate relief from pain. You can also apply ice over the affected area. Hot treatments involve a warm shower or using an electric blanket for pain relief.
  • Arthritis can often be a side effect of heavy weight and poor lifestyle. It is essential that you maintain a healthy weight to treat arthritis. For example, heavy weight affects the knee joints of the individuals.
  • People suffering from arthritis knee pain are often suggested to switch to a plant-based diet that provides antioxidants. This can help significantly reduce inflammation as it naturally eliminates free radicals from the human body. In contrast, having a diet which is rich in red meat, processed foods, saturated fat, processed sugar, etc. further worsen the condition.
  • Massages do not hold scientific proven benefits but can help to improve the situation. They tend to instill an overall sense of positive living which leads to indirect health benefits and improves the scenario.

CBD Oil for Arthritis Knee Pain - Benefits & Use

Cannabinoids like CBD oil can help people suffering from arthritis as they are natural pain relievers. CBD directly interacts with receptors that cause pain and inflammation in the human body. They successfully influence the response of these receptors for reducing pain and inflammation.  

CBD based products are available for use in diverse formulations. People suffering from arthritis can study the label on how to use a specific CBD product. It is essential that you use only the suggested amount whether for oral consumption or external application. People with different weight, age, and intensity of the disease will have to take different amounts. Health experts suggest to begin with the least possible dosage and to increase it only if its required. 

CBD oil can be consumed orally. People suffering from arthritis can use a dropper or a pipette directly using CBD oil under their tongue. People can also add the oil to their food or drink for consumption. Based on the type of arthritis or joint pain a medical professional can administer the right amount of CBD oil for you.


That was all about arthritis knee pain treatment at home. Before you adopt and implement any ideas, it is vital that you consult a doctor. For example, before you start using CBD massage oil its advisable that you connect with your personal physician.

It is also necessary to use CBD oil from certified resources for best results. At the trost we are licensed suppliers of CBD products in India. We sell best quality CBD oil and other products which have a regulated amount of CBD in them.


Q.1. What is a simple home remedy for knee pain?

Ans. Regular exercise, hot and cold treatments are some of the simple home remedies for knee pain. Using turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties is also a proven home remedy for arthritis.

Q.2. Can arthritis be completely cured?

Ans. Unfortunately, arthritis disease does not have any cure. The offered treatments are mainly focused on limiting the pain and inflammation, & also ensures joint function. 

Q.3. Can you live a normal life with arthritis?

Ans. Arthritis is one of the worst diseases to live with. However, you can significantly improve your health with proper medication, exercise, balanced diet and more. People suffering from arthritis knee pain should focus on joint protection techniques and devices and other self-care activities.

Q.4. How often can I take CBD for arthritis?

Ans. Based on specific conditions, the right dose can be administered by a doctor only. Physical therapists and doctors suggest starting with a low dose like 5 to 10 and after a few weeks one can switch to higher doses of 20 to 35 mg of CBD daily.

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    Arthritis Knee Pain is really painful. To deal with this pain we are always seeking natural pain relievers. Therfore, pain relieving cbd oil can be helpful for this. So buy a good one to get the best result.

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