Trost Gummies

    A blissful blend of Ayurvedic wellness and delicious flavor for your daily dose of relaxation.

    What are Cannabis gummies?

    What are Cannabis gummies?

    Trost's Cannabis gummies offer a delightful fusion of sweetness and chewiness, infused with cannabis leaf extracts from the hemp plant—a non-intoxicating cannabis variant. These edibles discreetly deliver cannabis extract, favored for their simplicity. Cannabis gummies serve as a convenient, enjoyable option for recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption. Experience the convenience and pleasure of cannabis consumption with Trost's Cannabis gummies.

    Are there any health benefits of Trost gummies?

    Are there any health benefits of Trost gummies?

    Trost gummies are great for your health in many ways. They help you feel less stressed and anxious, ease nausea, and improve sleep. If you have tummy troubles, they can help with that too. Plus, they can relieve headaches, pain, and inflammation. Trost gummies even support sexual wellness. With Trost gummies, you're getting a simple and easy way to feel better all around.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are Trost cannabis leaf extract gummies available in different flavors?

    Currently, Trost's cannabis leaf extract gummies are available in cola flavor only.

    What is the key ingredient in Trost Mriduvati "Kosha" Gummies?

    The key ingredient in Trost Mriduvati Gummies is Vijaya, derived from the cannabis leaf, carefully selected for its calming properties.

    How do Trost Gummies help with anxiety and depression?

    Kosha (Mriduvati) Gummies are formulated with Ayurvedic wisdom to provide holistic relief, acting as a natural remedy for anxiety and depression.

    What sets Trost's Gummies apart from other cannabis products?

    Trost's Mriduvati Gummies stand out with their Ayurvedic formulation, offering a unique blend of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and relaxation-inducing properties.

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