The Promise Of Medical Cannabis In India

The Promise Of Medical Cannabis In India

Medical cannabis, in simple language, is a term that describes the use of cannabis in the pharma sector due to its various medicinal benefits. The medical cannabis is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant which is known for its elements and compounds. Some of the most famous elements are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) which are mostly present in every product made by cannabis due to its psychoactive and therapeutic properties respectively.

There are many benefits of medical cannabis which comes with a set of rules and regulations to be followed, which we will discuss later in this blog.

What is Medical Cannabis And Its Benefits

The usage of cannabis in the making of products to improve the physical and mental conditions of a human being refers to medical cannabis. With the change in society regarding mental and physical health, there is an expansion in the consumption of cannabis products. There are many benefits served by medical cannabis.

1) Pain relief - It helps in improving any chronic and arthritis pain due to presence of therapeutic properties of CBD

2) Nausea and Seizure - It reduces the feeling of nausea and vomiting that causes discomfort as well as it helps in reducing the frequency of seizure which is in certain forms of epilepsy.

3) Sleep Cycle - The presence of elements like THC and CBD in Cannabis helps in balancing sleep schedule by reducing insomnia.

4) Neuroprotection - Diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's are neurodegenerative diseases that are reduced by the presence of neuroprotective properties of cannabis.

5) Cancer - symptoms like pain, appetite loss are a major concern for every cancer patient, which is subsequently reduced through medical cannabis.

There is a huge difference between medical and recreational cannabis in the context of benefits and other aspects


Medical Cannabis - They are prescribed by a medical practitioner as it helps in reducing pain and improves your overall well being including physical and mental health issues.

Recreational Cannabis - These are used for relaxation and fun purposes majorly as it gives psychoactive effect


Medical Cannabis - The distribution of medical cannabis may vary from region to region. These are prescribed by doctors according to the need of dosage.

Recreational Cannabis - Over a specific age, recreational cannabis is available and sold in stores.

Legal Framework in India

The consumption of both medical and recreational cannabis has a long history in India. The legal status of cannabis is constantly evolving and growing with the development across the world.

The Indian government has not entirely restricted the consumption of cannabis considering its medical benefits. The scientific and medical usage of cannabis still stays under the control of Indian law. The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, which controls the production, manufacture, possession, sale, purchase, transport, warehousing, use, and consumption of cannabis and products related to it. The law is majorly concerned with the prevention of any non-medical use of the drugs.

The health ministry of India issues licenses to organizations like The Trost, which are trusted for the right use of cannabis. In the state of Uttarakhand, an initiative has allowed the farmers to do hemp cultivation, more such initiates have been noticed to enhance the medical consumption of cannabis.

How to Access Medical Cannabis

There are different rules and regulations for every state, the usage of cannabis is not legalized by central India and hence its accessibility differs. States has introduced specific programs' for maximizing the medical consumption of cannabis.

After consulting a doctor, who has specific knowledge in this field, the right dosage of medical cannabis is highly beneficial for mental, physical and emotional health. Someone who has the right knowledge has the ability to introduce you to the required benefits of medical cannabis. Prescription is required for obtaining cannabis made products from central dispensaries and pharmacies. It is important to keep a regular check on the authorization of cannabis products.

One such company is The Trost, Which deals in several hemp herbal products in many different flavors. Trost has the license from the Ayush Ministry of India for trading of medical cannabis products including oils and cigarettes.

Safety and Side Effects

Every element in the universe has its own benefits as well as disadvantages. Similarly, the excess usage of cannabis could also affect the human body eventually.

Following are some safety aspects that could act as a solution to your problem:

1) Life Quality - A lot of people suffering from insomnia and chronic pain have stated that the consumption of medical cannabis has helped them in improving the quality of life.

2) Epilepsy relief - people suffering with seizure, have seen improvement in the frequency of epilepsy, which could not have been possible with any other treatment.

3) Anti-inflammatory - Cannabis has elements like CBD, which has anti-inflammatory that helps in dealing with diseases like arthritis and bowel disease.

But, consuming it in inappropriate level could come with some risks, that you would want to avoid:

1) Heart rate - People have also noticed that the heart rate subsequently increases the per second heart rate which could lead to anxiety attacks.

2) Memory - Over consumption of cannabis could become a reason for short term memory loss.

3) Appetite - Cannabis could also increase the overall appetite of a human being, which is considered as a side effect in certain cases because overeating results in various other diseases.

4) Dependency - Consuming medical cannabis on a regular basis has the ability to make the consumer completely depend on the products for stress busting which could not give desired health results in the long term.

Future Outlook

With the constant development of the country, people are evolving on an individual basis regarding their mental and physical health. On the other hand, the government has also permitted some clinical research. This research has the ability to bring a change in the entire pharmaceutical industry.

Advocacy groups as well as economists are also initiating to come up and talk about the benefits medical cannabis would bring to the plate in the future. Sharing the knowledge and technology across the globe could be a huge step towards the expansion of medical cannabis.


The legal authorization still remains a big challenge in India, but state governments have understood the importance of medical cannabis and have permitted the required usage. This change in society could improve the lifestyle of people. The end result of cannabis depends on the right amount of consumption which is prescribed by specialists of this field.

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