How to Quit Smoking Weed?

How to Quit Smoking Weed?


How to quit smoking weed? In India, possessing weed and its consumption is highly debatable. However, as per the law, you can face several consequences and end up in jail when caught with weed. It's high time the youth indulged in this habit get rid of it and make a positive contribution to society. 

As per Statista, over 31 million people smoke cannabis in some form or other in India alone. Noting the negative impacts of the long-term and short use of cannabis, many individuals find it hard to stop smoking weed. If you are trying to quit smoking weed or trying to help someone do the same. This article is for you.

The Negative Impacts of Smoking Cannabis on the Mind & Body

Smoking weed gives you an instant high. It happens because of the main psychoactive ingredient THC present in the weed, which stimulates the brain to respond to food or sex. The result is the release of dopamine-producing the feeling of euphoria. However, this euphoria no wonder how attractive, isn’t good for the mid and the body.  

Following are the five major reasons why people should stop smoking marijuana:


As per research by, 1 in every 11 people smoking cannabis will develop an addiction or dependency on it. So, 9% of the users suffer from dependence on marijuana. Marijuana addicts continue to smoke it despite suffering from poor relationships, job performance, and more.


Marijuana is popular for producing pleasant experiences. However, it’s not the same for all. For some users, the impact is fairly unpleasant right from the first instance. Feeling anxious, afraid, and clinically depressed are common feelings associated with smoking weed. 


People who are marijuana addictive, often report feeling depressed all the time or suffering from clinical depression. The mind and the body is so used to the presence of THC (the active psychoactive substance in marijuana) that its absence leads to depression. Many people who experience withdrawal symptoms report depression as the most common impact of trying to ditch the habit.

Impaired Judgment 

Another, adverse impact of smoking weed is impaired judgment. You will find it difficult to focus, learn, and remember things. This impact can be short-term or long-term depending upon the years of substance abuse you have been in.

Affects your Lungs

An ongoing cough with mucus is a common issue reported by people with a dependence on marijuana. Hitting your lungs badly, smoking Marijuana leads to common issues associated with smoking cigarettes. 

The Benefits of Quitting Weed - How it Transforms Your Life in a Positive Direction

The major benefits you will have when you stop smoking marijuana involve improved lung functions, mental clarity, a positive direction toward life, and more. Have a look at the main benefits of quitting weeds:

Greater Cognitive Functioning

A study by Massachusetts General Hospital says that adolescents and young adults who avoid ditch weeds perform much better at learning new things than those who continue smoking marijuana. Coherent thoughts and communicating with others become much easier when you quit smoking weed.

Noticeable Improvements in Lungs

Smoking weed leads to air sacs into the lungs negatively impacting the health. Once you quit smoking weed the body is able to heal these air sacs and enhance the respiratory system. You can feel the difference yourself with lesser infections and greater immunity against pneumonia. 

Better at Rebuilding Your Relationships

As cognitive functions enhance, you have the power to think right and do right.  Quitting weeds powers you to rebuild healthy relationships with your family and friends. Further, you do not need to hang out with people who are into substance abuse and align your life in a positive direction.

Having discussed the main benefits of quitting smoking marijuana. Let us dive into the details of how you can do it.

Quitting Strategies for Weed Addicts - The Right Way to a Healthy Life

You must have to have safe and healthy people around you to inspire and help in the deaddiction process. Following are the tips to help you stop smoking weeds:

  • Set clear goals as to why you want to stop smoking marijuana. Setting goals helps you track progress and be on the right track consistently. 
  • Throw away the items you use for substance abuse.  Getting rid of the bongs, pipes, bowls, and vapes helps you with reducing illicit temptations.
  • Identify the things that trigger you to substance abuse marijuana and get rid of them. For example, if a friend indulges in smoking marijuana, you need to remove all forms of contact with him/her.
  • Surround yourself with healthy and supportive people, who understand your situation and help you stay on track of quitting marijuana.
  • Develop healthy habits like physical exercises, yoga, sports, a balanced diet, etc. that act as natural dopamine boosters and reduces your reliance on drugs and substance abuse.
  • You can try the cold turkey method. However, if it fails repetitively, you need the help of trained professionals to ditch the habit of smoking marijuana. 

An alternative to the cold turkey method is tracking and limiting yourself to marijuana smoke. For example, trying hemp herbal cigarettes curbs the urge of smoking weed. Gradually you are able to give up weed without having to face the harsh withdrawal symptoms.  

However, what are hemp herbal cigarettes? In short, these are medical cannabis developed to reduce your dependence on marijuana and help in addiction treatment:

Again a new term medical cannabis! No worries.

What is Medical Cannabis? 

What is medical cannabis

Medical cannabis refers to the scientific usage of cannabis plants to develop medicines that help in the treatment of diseases or in the deaddiction of marijuana. It refers to the cannabis and cannabinoids that are prescribed by physicians for their patients.

They assist users in combating the common withdrawal symptoms of anxiety, depression and others. 






Dosage Time

At night


Day hours


Helps With

Muscle spasms, pain, nausea etc

Balanced relief

Depression, pain focus, etc.

Reduces impairment

Standard Terpenes

Myrcene, Linalool etc

Variable components

Caryophyllene,limonene, pinene

 Variable components


Using Medical Cannabis to Quit Smoking Weed

The process involves help from trained physicians. Medical cannabis can be a good source of help, but it's best to be under a physician to begin the process of quitting scientifically. The right physician guides you to drink plenty of water, a balanced diet, and more besides the proper use of medical cannabis. This way you can make the most from the weed for good or medical cannabis.

Hope You Quit Smoking Weed and Live a Healthy Life

It’s best to take control and quit weeds to live a sober life free from substance abuse. At The Trost we are helping you with the de-addiction with medical cannabis. Connect with us to learn more about medical cannabis and how we can help you in the deaddiction program.

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