A Dive into India's Safest Herbal Cigarettes

A Dive into India's Safest Herbal Cigarettes

Nicotine free cigarettes refers to herbal or tobacco free cigarettes which, in today's time, is also consumed as an alternative of the traditional cigarettes since it helps in reducing the nicotine addiction.

Herbal cigarettes are known for their medical advantages and rapid growth every day. Ayush ministry of India issues licenses to trustworthy organizations that are responsible for the right usage of hemp, one such organization is The Trost, which is recognized by the Ayush ministry for their commendable work in helping the society and making a positive change.

Let us understand more about the benefits and making of herbal cigarettes.

The Medicinal Aspect

Trost makes the consumption of medical cigarettes more interesting by introducing many interesting flavors with unique taste and making. Following are certain benefits of consuming nicotine free cigarettes.

  • Combats nicotine addiction - One of the most valuable benefits of herbal cigarettes is its ability to reduce the addiction of traditional cigarettes which is made with almost 0.2% of nicotine. Some studies suggest that CBD may have anti-addictive properties and could impact the reward system in the brain associated with addiction.
  • Stress Relief - The combination of several herbs with CBD in herbal cigarettes is known for providing a sense of relaxation and can also improve your sleep cycle.
  • Respiratory Health - It is possible to have respiratory risks while smoking,, the inclusion of certain herbs with potential respiratory benefits might be aimed at offsetting some of these risks.
  • Mood Enhancement - Certain herbs are also responsible for improving the mood of a human being. Such as lavender or chamomile calms down your mind and body that contributes to improving mood.

The Ayurvedic Connection

Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating in India, emphasizes a holistic approach to health and wellness. Following are key principles of  "Dhuma Yoga" - the practice of inhaling the smoke or fumes produced by burning specific herbs

  • Doshas Balance - There are 3 doshas in a human’s life- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The herbs helps in maintaining a desirable balance for all of them which keeps the person away from potential disease
  • Prana (Life Force Energy) - Ayurveda has understood the importance of prana. Dhuma Yoga has the ability to influence the flow of prana in the human system, promoting overall well-being and fitness.

Benefits of Dhuma Yoga

  • Detoxification: One method of detoxification that is thought to be effective is inhaling herbal smoke. It is thought to assist in clearing the body's respiratory system and overall collected toxins.
  • Emotional Health: A key component of Dhuma Yoga is aromatherapy. Some herbs are selected because of their fragrant qualities, which are thought to improve mood and feelings.
  • Ayurveda Connection: Dhuma Yoga is regarded as a way to establish a connection with the subtle and spiritual facets of one's existence, in addition to being a physical exercise. Inhaling herbal smoke is regarded as a way to cleanse one's soul.

Quality Ingredients

One of the most important factors that discriminate against traditional cigarettes from herbal cigarettes is ingredients. Many companies like Trost designs hemp herbal cigarettes that provide a distinctive and all-natural smoking experience. With the best Swiss technology, Swiss herbs are used to make our cigarettes. Hemp Herbal Cigarettes contain a number of essential constituents, including Damiana, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Verbena, and a trace amount of Inverted Sugar. Together, these carefully chosen compounds create a calming and well-relaxing smoking experience that enhances well-being.

Nature has the ability to improve wellbeing, Trost have selected particular herbs that are well-known for their ability to calm and soothe. The Hemp Herbal Cigarettes are a pleasant and natural method to relax, whether you're wanting to do so after a hard day or just for a little moment. With each puff of our premium herbal cigarettes, take in the serenity of nature and learn about the health advantages. The paper Trost uses is sourced from Warsaw (Poland city) which is bleach free, chlorine free and free from any whitening agents.

Comparative Analysis

With the change in society and people’s standard of living, people have started opting for a more sustainable and more beneficial alternative. Let us understand the key differences between herbal and traditional cigarettes :

  • Impact on health - Herbal cigarettes are believed to reduce the health risks that may occur due to consumption of cigarettes. The presence of herbs makes herbal cigarettes a safer alternative to traditional ones. Whereas traditional cigarettes are associated with a range of serious health risks, including lung cancer, heart disease, respiratory issues, and more. The combustion of tobacco releases substances like tar and carbon monoxide which are extremely harmful.
  • Environmental Impact -There is zero presence of chemicals in herbal cigarettes which reduces the risk of environmental damage but on the other hand, traditional cigarettes contribute to deforestation and also generate pollution through the manufacturing process.

Certifications and Regulations

Trost indian cannabis brand licensedby ayush ministry of india

The entire market is flooded with many organizations and agencies that are claiming to sell authentic herbal products. It is important to hand pick and choose the reliable one.

The Indian Government has entered into this dilemma to help people choose the best alternative for them, the government and ayush ministry of india issues licenses to reliable and authentic organizations to sell hemp made products and bring a change in the society.

Trost has been issued a license by the ayush ministry which is responsible for developing education, research and propagation of traditional medicine systems in India.


Reducing the consumption of traditional cigarettes is believed to be a very difficult task which with the innovation of herbal cigarettes has become easier to reduce the addiction. Consuming herbal cigarettes brings you one step closer to a healthy and nicotine free life. Trost has stepped in to make the consumption more interesting by introducing exciting and desirable flavors in the market.

One’s health is completely in their hands. To keep your lifestyle better with the help of a balanced diet and a peaceful mind, traditional cigarettes help you in relaxation of both your body and mind.

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