Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You What Doctors Have to Say?

Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You What Doctors Have to Say?

According to the study published in The Lancet, nearly 1 billion people around the world light up cigarettes daily. Many of these people excuse themselves by saying they just smoke one cigarette a day. You are gravely mistaken if you believe that lighting up one cigarette a day won't do much harm. According to British researchers, smoking once a day puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. So, how does smoking one cigarette a day affect you? Let's understand.

Does Smoking One Cigarette Day Affect You?

Yes, smoking one cigarette a day does affect you. Indeed, smoking even just one cigarette kills 11 minutes of your life and if you calculate smoking only 5 cigarettes a day over 1 year takes 14 days of your life. The primary concern today is the tobacco problem, and the increased usage of various smoking devices and smokeless tobacco products is alarming. Here is a rundown of some facts and figures that define how smoking even only one cigarette can affect you -

  • Tobacco contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including tar (a mixture of chemicals), nicotine (an addictive substance), carbon monoxide (found in car exhaust fumes), ammonia (used in floor cleaners), and arsenic (ant poison). All these chemicals are highly detrimental to health and are believed to cause cancer.
  • Even the study by BMJ states how smoking one cigarette a day affects you, which includes serious health problems like heart attack, emphysema, and stroke. This is based on the data collected from different studies, implicating zillions of participants. It also found that heart disease is the most significant health risk associated with smoking. 
  • Another fascinating finding from the same report expresses that men who smoked even one cigarette each day had 46% of the excess relative risk for smoking 20 cigarettes every day, and in the case of women, 31% of the excess risk. If you see the stroke cases, in men, the pooled relative risks were 1.25 and 1.64 for smoking one or 20 cigarettes per day, respectively, and for women, 1.31 and 2.16 for smoking one or 20 cigarettes per day, respectively. 

The adage, "everything in moderation," has an exception. Even one cigarette a day is one too many. Yes, it's smoking. Today many youngsters who are light smokers do not even consider themselves smokers. Still, unfortunately, even a tiny amount of tobacco is more than enough to develop the risk of coronary heart disease. 

So, Does Smoking One Cigarette a Day Really Kill You?

We hope that you have realised that smoking one cigarette a day affects you badly. Even if you don't consider yourself a smoker just because you smoke occasionally, you'll still die early. Yes, you heard it right. As per a recent report by Government researchers, even smoking one cigarette a day can increase your risk of dying early.

The study further claims that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, and smoking can cause a slow death. Smoking has substantial adverse health effects, and there is a 64 per cent higher risk of dying early than non-smokers, and those who smoke almost half a packet per day have an 87 per cent chance of dying early in their life.  So, yes, smoking even one cigarette a day may kill you. How soon depends on your medical history.

To Sum Up

The biggest takeaway from this would be to quit smoking. Yes, for many people, it is challenging to resist tobacco cravings. However, if you take a staunch stand against this urge and refrain from smoking, it will reap great results. Remember that you are one step closer to a healthy and happy life whenever you avoid smoking. Once you fully control these lethal cravings, you will earn a new lease on life. 

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